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Jas dates to Louis XIV

IMG_0623Recently discovered legal documents show that “Michel Gaubert dit boeuf”, who lived in a village about 1 km away, bought this land in 1690 under the reign of Louis XIV (note the sun in the seal). At a later date, he cut three oak beams from the village forest, which he had the right to do only if he used them for his own house in the village. But because he moved them to the lieu-dit Parrot, which was under the jurisdiction of the next village, someone complained. A well documented legal process, involving two experts who examined the three tree stubs, finally explains how the Jas du Boeuf got its name and clearly shows that it dates from at least 1718. Stay turned for our 300 year anniversary party in 2018!

Premières neiges !

Un matin tout blanc sur la Montagne de Lure et notre Jas. Prémices d’une riche saison de ski pour la petite station ? The Lure Mountain turned white overnight and the Jas shows it. Let’s hope it is promising news for our little ski station.

IMG_1855 IMG_1862

Les visiteurs du soir


Après un automne radieux avec des couleurs qui n’ont rien à envier à celles de l’Amérique du Nord, l’hiver arrive avec comme conséquence le retour de nos visiteurs du soir : les cerfs. Cette nuit, ils se sont attaqués aux cyprès qui marquent l’entrée du parc … les laissant bien dépouillés !

After a colourful autumn that reminded us of Canada, winter’s first deers came by last night and did some major damage to the cypress trees. 


“C’était une vraie bouffée d’oxygène de vivre un peu au calme et de bénéficier de vos bons soins.”  – Sabine, septembre 2013

Recent guests

According to the local shepherd, this guy gets into trouble with his brother but his 550 sheep mind their own business, keeping their heads down as they pass through the field adjacent to the Jas before their summer vacation higher up in the Alps.IMG_1779